Dogkin and Hobkin Femboy Clothing

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Dogkin and Hobkin Femboy Clothing

7 ratings


  • 21 302 triangles
  • Fully rigged
  • Has blendshapes
  • Using the skirt or top will require you to flatten some of the fluff on the avatar (I have already done that for you)
  • Compatible with dogkin and hobkin


  • You are not allowed to sell or share the base model or any of the files included with it
  • You are not allowed to claim the models as your own work
  • You are allowed to use the model on your own avatars and models
  • You are allowed to share or sell textures you have made for the model
  • You are allowed to share or sell any additions to the base model without sharing the base model with them
  • If both parties have purchased the model, you are allowed to share the base model and it's modifications


  • Presetup unity package with toggles
  • Substance painter file


  • Poiyomi toon shaders if you want to use the included materials
  • Latest version of VRC SDK 3.0
  • Dogkin and hobkin models which have blendshapes for flattening the fluff which you can get here from Hobbert's Discord server


  • Import Poiyomi toon shaders, VRC SDK and the modified dogkin and hobkin models to your unity project before importing the clothing. After importing everything to your project open the premade scene in the clothing package and change the materials of the dogkin.
  • Join the Discord for any questions and updates https://discord.gg/C8KAVZca2F


  • I might make more color options for the clothing in the future if there's enough demand for it
  • I will try to fix any issues if you find them
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Last updated Jun 1, 2023

Skirt, top, panties, thigh highs and warmers for dogkin and hobkin


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